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The Health Safety Monitor has excellent features such as Automatic Temperature Sensor with visual and audio indication, AutomaticSanitizer Dispenser and a Test Counter. Its benefits include, as it is a Standalone System, no human assistance requirement for operation with its versatile sensors. Kindly find the attached brochure with the details about the product. We assure you of an excellent result from this product.

  • Infrared temperature sensor
  • Stand alone health safety check
  • LCD digital temperature monitor
  • Buzzer and LED indication for high temperature
  • Audio announcement and LED indication for normal temperature
  • Automatic counter for performed tests
  • Automatic sanitizer dispenser
  • Avoiding operator assistance
  • 10 Hr battery back up
  • Inbuilt battery charger
  • Intelligent power ON and OFF
  • Touch free operations
  • Easy sanitizer refill
  • Easy operation and portability
  • Slim and tamper free body

  • Avoiding person to person contacts
  • Avoiding the risk of an operator
  • Avoiding the risk of contagion to and from customers/visitors
  • Automatic dispenser, reducing the sanitizer wastage
  • Displays the Visitor's/customer's temperature level on LCD
  • Audio announcement with Green signal to ensure the Normal temperature level
  • The Red signal with a long beep Buzzer alerts that the temperature of the particular person is High and not safe

Risks of measuring temperature by hand operated infrared temperature scanner and merits of HSM
  • By measuring temperature from the forehead, the operator becomes at risk due to the closeness and respiratory contact with the outsider and if the visitor is a Covid +ve person the operator will be in primary contacts
  • Unfortunately, if the operator becomes Covid +ve, all the visitors who undergoes the temperature scanning by the operator will in turn becomes in primary contacts.
  • In most of the places engaged security staff or persons engaged for this duty, by ignorance or mistake might permit entry to many people even when their temperature is not normal.
  • The normal human body temperature is 98.6 °F. But most of temperature scanners have warning or indication at 99.5 °F. So the chance for false reading is high
  • HSM gives a Red signal and alarm if the temperature is at 98.7 or above. Thus the persons with higher temperature than permitted can be easily prevented.
  • No experts are required for operation
  • The system helps to save unnecessary wastage of sanitizer by dispensing a certain limited quantity.

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