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Automatic Sliding Door Operator


VOLTEK Automatic sliding door operator are versatile and economical system for your entrance. International standard ensure high safety and smooth movements in rapid sequences.

  • Single and double leaf operator.
  • Bursh-less PMDC motors.
  • Microprocessor Circuit.
  • Photo cell crush guard.
  • Electronic interfaces for card reader or Bio metric instruments.
  • Locking and single side operation.
  • Operating width up to 5000mm.
  • Electro-mechanical locking.
  • Usable for glass, framed glass, metal, timber or plastic doors.
  • Standard and optional functions.

Technical Specification
VSL - 1001 VSL-2001
Maximum capacity 200 Kg 400 Kg
No: of Leaf Single Double
Thrust 40 N 50 N
Power Supply 220 V AC/50-60 Hz
Opening Speed 150-500mm/s (Adjustable)
Closing Speed 100-450mm/s (Adjustable)
Release for manual opening Provided
Operating Temperature -20˚ c to +70˚ c
Batteries Optional
Motor 24V 55W PMDC
Accessories Power Supply 24V DC
Electric Lock Optional
LED Display/Obstruction Sensor Optional
Self Learning In Built
Partial / Spinier side opening Featured
Reverse operation Safety Provided

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