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Automated Remote Operated Gate


Voltek Industries are the experts in providing consultation, engineering , design , fabrication and installation of automatic gates, doors and shutters with remote operation. Door and Shutters are available in different variants with different materials like wood, steel,cast iron, aluminum , poly-carbonate etc....

Swing Gate

Mostly used for compound wall gate swing to both sides. The electro mechanical actuators mounted from pillars to each gate wing operated according to the command received from the control box by the owner/operator.

Electro mechanical actuator - 2 Nos.
Control Box - 1 No.
Remote transmitter (Handset) - 2 Nos.
Remote Receiver - 1 No.
Manual Key set - 2 Nos.
Stationary Switch - 1 No.
12/24V Battery Pack - 1 No.
  • Suitable for gate span up to 10 m
  • Choice for frequent , heavy and intensive duty cycles
  • Maintenance free electro mechanical actuators
  • Wide angle operation
  • Crash guard protection
  • Provision for manual operation
  • Options for additional remote and sensors
  • PMDC Motor
  • Built in battery backup
  • Low power consumption
  • Absolute reliability in all operating condition
  • Fully remote controlled
  • Easy to install on Existing gates
  • Available for domestic and industrial use
  • Compatible for mobile phone activation

Sliding Gates

The sliding gates moving on bearing wheels and rails can be automated by using the Rack and Pinion mechanism. Domestic and industrial models are available.

PMDC motor with gear - 1 No.
Rack - Equal to gate length.
Pinion - 1 No.
Control Box - 1 No.
Remote transmitter  (Handset) - 2 Nos.
24 V Battery pack - 1 No.
Obstruction Sensor(optional) - 2 Nos.
  • PMDC gear motor mechanism.
  • Rack and Pinion mechanism for efficient movements.
  • Automatic safety locking.
  • Built in control panel with integrated radio receiver.
  • Available for gates weighing up to 4 ton.
  • Partial opening.
  • Crash guard protection.
  • Provision for manual operation.
  • Option for additional remotes and sensors.
  • Built in battery backup.
  • Compatible for Mobile phone activation.
  • Low power consumption.

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