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Automated Remote Operated Roof

Opening to Ambience

Voltek automatic roof opening system is an apt solution for architects to manage the head aches of opening and closing of roof top open space of house and commercial building. Pulling, Sliding and hydraulic type mechanism are available. The suitable mechanism can be selected according to the convenience of operations.

  • Fully automated
  • Remote and manual control.
  • 100% custom made
  • AC/DC motor drive.
  • IR/Photocell protection
  • Usable for glass, Timber, Steel, Aluminum, Poly carbinate etc.
  • Partial Opening.
  • Actuator/wire rope/geared motor drive.
  • Provision for manual operation.
  • Option for security sensor.
Model SL-01 SL -02
Electro mechanical actuator/wire rope mechanism 1 2
Control Box 1 1
Remote transmitter (Handset) 2 2
Remote Receiver 1 1
Manual Key set 1 2
Stationary Switch 2 1
Battery Pack - 1
Sliding Roof
PMDC Motor with gear 1 No.
Rack Each to roof length
Pinion 1 No.
Control Box 1 No.
Remote transmitter (Handset) 2 Nos.
24V battery pack 1 No.
Manual Release 1 No.
Manual Control 1 No.
Magnetic sensor 4 Nos.

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