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Voltek solar power conditioning units (PCU) is a system integrated with solar charge controller, Inverter and Grid charger. The intelligent power controller continuously monitor the state of battery voltage, solar power output, presence of grid and then select suitable power to the connected load. The intelligent monitoring system helps to reduce the consumption of gird supply and make sure the maximum usage of renewable energy.

  • True Sine wave
  • MPPT Solar charge controller
  • Overload, over voltage, short circuit and lighting protections.
  • Battery deep discharge protection
  • Galvanic Isolation
  • FCBC Charging
  • Automatic Change over
  • Intelligent Battery charging for SPV/ Grid /DG
  • Option for remote monitoring
  • Integrated bye pass
  • LCD, LED and Audio Indications
  • Automatic and manual operations
  • Available for 1 KVA to 50 KVA

Solar Photo-Voltaic Power Plant
Solar Inverter
Capacity  Available 1 KVA To 50 KVA
Output Voltage 230VAC Single Phase / 415 V AC Three Phase
Output Wave form Pure Sine Wave.
Operating Grid voltage 200V: +/-15%
Operating Grid frequency 50Hz
Output frequency 50Hz :+/- 1%
Load Factor 0.8
Over Load 150% 15Sec.
Battery Charging SPV& Grid/DG
Metering & Indications
  1. Voltage and Current from Solar Array.
  2. Load Voltage and current
  3. Battery “charging” current and voltage with indication.
  4. Battery "discharge" current and voltage with indication.
  5. Annunciation for battery deep discharge.
  6. Charging Indication of battery from solaroption
  7. charge controller / grid chargeroption
  8. Mode of Charging – BOOST / FLOAToption
  9. Mains voltage :( Phase to phase and Phase to neutral)option
  10. Phase sequence and phase failleoption
  11. Grid supply frequencyoption
  12. Load Level percentageoption
  13. Earth fault indicationoption
  14. Line Currentoption
  15. Safety door lock indication
Protections Over Load, Over Voltage, Short circuit, Excessive battery discharge, Lightning & Galvanic isolation
Remote Monitoring SCADA Compatibility
Computer Compatibility RS 232
Remote Monitoring through  SCADA with system via RS232
  1. Battery voltage & current
  2. Load Voltage & current
  3. Solar array Voltage &current
  4.  Fault status
  5.  Charging of battery from Solar or grid charger .
  6. Mode of charging BOOST / FLOAT 
  7. Phase sequence and phase faille
  8. Load Level percentage
  9.  Earth fault indication
  10. Safety door lock indication
Installation Indoor
On/Off Automatic, Manuel & Integrated bypass

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